Chris wants yoga to be fun, bottom line. It can be relaxing and reinvigorating, confronting and challenging, life affirming and life changing, mindful and mind blowing, even wild and weird, but all the while it has to be fun. Chris loves nothing more than to share in the experience of tangibly connecting to the intangible through yoga. Chris’ classes are a playful, and sometimes challenging, exploration of this process of connecting to and uncovering our radiantly beautiful, deliciously juicy, and irrepressibly luminous essence.  Chris blends Anusara, Ashtanga, and Iyengar styles in the earnest endeavor to explore the light of Shri that is at our very core and infuses every fiber of our being. Chris thinks the following quote (from somewhere within his Anusara teachings) nicely articulates our duty to practice yoga: ”Inside every human heart is a light so utterly magnificent that it MUST be revealed.”

Chris has enjoyed this endeavor of revelation via practicing yoga for 20 years. He completed the Yoga Works Teacher Training program in Santa Monica, CA with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford in 2000. He has practiced and studied a variety of styles from Anusara to Viniyoga. He taught in Los Angeles for 2 years before coming to Saratoga Springs in 2002. Chris’ background as a registered nurse, massage therapist, physical therapy assistant, and swim coach gives him a strong understanding of health, body mechanics and injury prevention. His joyful and compassionate approach yields to the individual, exploring ways to adjust or modify one’s practice to allow the heart of a posture to come through, despite injury or traumatic history. Chris also works as an Oncology Nurse at Glens Falls Hospital. He lives here in Saratoga Springs with Rose, his lovely wife, and his beautiful daughters, Gabriella and Kathryn.